Thursday, February 27, 2020

Global strategy (MBA market) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Global strategy (MBA market) - Essay Example In seeking to establish a Business School in London, England, this business plan will build a sales, investment, marketing, and operations plan for the ‘International School of Business Innovation’ to be established in 2011. The school will initially pursue a goal of enrolling domestic and international students in an online program with a 4 week on-site seminar in London conducted yearly. In initiating operations, the school will market to and see the enrollment of both foreign and domestic students. Due to the limitations of budget, initial marketing internationally will be conducted in a manner that targets the students of India and Pakistan particularly, due to the demand for higher business education in those countries popularly. PART 2: BUSINESS PLAN: 1. Introduction In building and establishing a Business School in London with an intention of offering MBA (Masters of Business Administration) degrees to international and domestic students, the most important factor s are the business plan, philosophy of education, and location. In searching for the ethos for the school, the general approach to business that would guide operations from a position of philosophy, the management committee evaluated the writing, work, and experience of many of the top 100 CEOs internationally and historically. One of the most respected CEOs is Jack Welch, the former General Electric business leader who is well known for innovation in the corporate sphere and managing companies at the highest level. Jack Welch is currently associated with an online MBA school in the United States that offers an affordable business education to students anywhere in the world. â€Å"As a part of his effort to provide quality educations at an affordable cost, the Jack Welch Management Institute moves away from the stereo type business institutions that charge their students an average $100,000 for a MBA degree . On average, The Jack Welch Management Institute charges $600 per credit h our. This translates to students receiving an accredited MBA degree for just over $20,000. The realization of his dream for a management institute came through the coming together of a group of investors led by Michael Clifford who purchased the ailing Myers University in Cleveland in 2008. These investors hammered out a deal with Welch to establish the Jack Welch Institute of Management based on his management style and philosophy that brought him and general electric to the heights they both attained in society.† (OnlineEdu, 2010) As a start-up business venture, the MBA School proposed for establishment in London will follow the online MBA program model given as example in the Jack Welch Management Institute and seek to provide affordable, world-class business education to students worldwide in the form of an online-only school. 2. Overview of International Business School The first aspect required for the development of the project of creating an online MBA program for inte rnational and domestic students is to create a management team and business plan for the venture. In managing the main operations executively myself, I see also a need for a minimum of a five person management team who would oversee the establishment of the school. This group would lead the effort to secure financing, sign the lease for the

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